About Our Company

Aquifer Water system is an Indian based trusted home appliances & healthcare products company located in Bangalore, Karnataka. Aquiferindia is an Indian-based trusted home appliances & healthcare products company located in Bangalore. While the brand creation has applied to a patent for “System and Method for Renting and Installation of the Water Purifier”.

Our company

Aquifier is ideal for drinking, cooking,
sports and even for children

Full Controll

Healthy Composition

Filtration Stages

Quality certificates


To deliver healthy drinking water at fair prices through our products , encouraging users to ensure themselves of the quality of this most vital necessity of life. Therefore we aim to offer water – at a quality that is fit for purpose – at fair prices.


At Aquifer we’re creating a powerful brand by manufacturing an huge range of top quality, innovative, water purification products. We try harder to exceed customer’s expectations every time, providing solutions and ensure a simple, consistent and easy customer experience.

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