Water Softeners

Whole House, Bathroom, Washing Machine Water Softeners to Convert Hard Water into Soft Water

Water Softeners

Hard water has a very high degree of Magnesium and Calcium and therefore, it brings along a host of problems every day. The presence of these chemicals in the water you use for washing your clothes or bathing, is not only reducing your appliances life by 50% but also makes your clothes turn paler and affect your skin & hair.

But not anymore. With KENT’s uniquely designed, advanced water softeners, you don’t need to get worried. Now, you can keep your hair and skin healthy with these domestic Water Softeners, that converts hard water into soft water in your homes.

These water softeners use unique water softening techniques like efficient ion-exchange process and comes with non-electric Automatic Regeneration Technology that eliminates the time-consuming and inconvenient manual regeneration process. Also, these water softener systems come with LCD Screen that displays the regeneration status, and other such vital information.

Further, their sleek and trendy design ensures that the aesthetics of your bathroom doesn’t get disturbed, making it the best hard water softener for homes.

So, with the problems that come along with hard water addressed, you can now feel the touch of soft water, every time you use water for bathing or washing with one the best water softeners in India.


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